Surge protectors are designed to protect electronics and appliances in your RV from spikes and surges in the electrical current. RV stands for Recreational Vehicle, a motor vehicle used on highways for weekends or vacations with more than one dwelling. So the question arises here is that are Surge Protectors required for RVs? Yes, it is required! There are many types of electrical equipment in an RV, like TVs, computers, mobile phones, etc. If one of these appliances is damaged or spoilt due to the surge or spikes in the electrical current running through the appliance, you can get into trouble due to which charges will be incurred for replacing damaged parts of your RV. So it is highly recommended to keep surge protectors at home for RVs.

Importance of Surge Protectors in Rvs

Surge Protector is needed in an RV because you are traveling with your family, and they are significant. When you travel, your TVs, computers, mobile phones, etc., are also traveling with you. A lot of work can be done during the trip by using these appliances for convenience purposes. However, suppose there is no protection for these appliances. In that case, they will get damaged due to the spikes in the electrical current during the travel since voltage keeps fluctuating when it passes through equipment that requires more power, e.g., when it passes through a vacuum cleaner or microwave oven.

Benefits of Surge Protectors

Significant benefits of Surge protectors are as follows:

Choose the Best Surge Protector for My RV

Consider the Number of Receptacles a Surge Protector Contains

The number of receptacles a surge protector contains is essential because you can use the surge protector only in one place. If it does not contain enough receptacles, you can use an extension cord to connect it with two different appliances in your RV. Such extension cords are available at reasonable prices. They help connect surge protectors with different electrical appliances like computers, televisions, phones, and others in your RV.

Consider the Size (Length X Width X Height) Of Surge Protectors in Your Rvs.

The size (length x width x height) is critical when you buy any electronic appliance to ensure that it fits within the space provided by the nearby outlets and does not obstruct its free movement.

Consider the Weight of Surge Protectors in Your RV

The surge protector should be light enough to carry with you and easy to carry whenever you go anywhere, even on a vacation trip. So many choices are available, like compact surge protectors that weigh less, such as. If you travel frequently, then such light ones will be necessary for your convenience. For heavy-duty usage, then look for heavy-duty surge protectors that weigh more than 8 pounds. Light ones may not be useful for your heavy-duty use cases because they are not very durable, so always look for heavy-duty ones that have a long warranty period along with reasonable prices to avoid any home damage.

Consider the Price of Surge Protectors in Your Rvs

The price of surge protectors depends on their features like size (length x width x height), weight, number of receptacles, warranty period, and others.

Consider the Brand and Name of Surge Protectors in Your Rvs

Consider the brand and name of surge protector since the more popular the brand is, the better quality it has. So you can always ask people about their experience with a particular brand before you buy one for yourself.

Consider the Compatibility of Surge Protector With Your Rvs

Consider the compatibility of surge protectors with your RV. Check the diagram that comes with the product to see if it is helpful for you or not. If it is compatible, then buy it. Consider the electrical appliances you want to protect from surges and spikes of voltage before buying a surge protector that will be useful for you.

Consider How to Place Surge Protectors in Your Rvs

Always check how much space your surge protector takes inside an RV before buying one. If it takes too much space, there will be no space available for other electrical appliances, which will create obstacles in their movement inside an RV. So it is better to buy a surge protector that does not require free space in your RV, like little ones like.

Consider the Warranty of Surge Protectors

Always check or read the warranty period of the surge protector you want to buy and choose the best one according to it. If you want a surge protector with an extended warranty, then always go for it, and if you don’t need much, please buy another one with a short warranty period.

Consider the Voltage of Surge Protectors in Your Rvs

Consider the voltage of the surge protector before buying. If it has a lower voltage, you can use it worldwide, while if the voltage is high, then only in your country.

Consider the Plug Size of Surge Protectors in Your Rvs

Before buying a surge protector, always check that the plug size is compatible with outlet ports in your RV, whether you have a dryer outlet, mini socket ports located inside your RV, 110v outlets located inside your RV, etc.

Consider The Additional Features 

Never forget to check the additional features of surge protector before buying one, like if it has a long extension cord that will be useful for you or not.

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Surge protectors are an essential for electrical appliances in an RV. They help you keep your electrical appliances safe and secure while traveling, and they also save money because you don’t need to replace them often. So always buy a surge protector for your RV, and it will help you get rid of any unnecessary damage to your appliances like computers, phones, televisions, etc.


Which is the Best Surge Protector for RV?
Progressive Industries SSP30X model is the Best Surge Protector for RV. It has a great warranty period, and it has the best price in the market. It has a 10-year warranty period along with 30ft extension cord and it doesn’t take much space inside your RV. It has an LED indicator light, which changes in different colors according to the charging status of your appliances. Since it has 30ft extension cord, you can use it in different places at home or in your RV. It is available at a reasonable price with many reviews on the internet.